A Seasonal, Southern, Slow Lifestyle...a lovely way to live.

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I’m Lora- farmhouse-restorer, art-maker, dog-enthusiast, and planning printable designer at Giles South Studio. I’m in love with the forests, farmland, and wild shorelines of Georgia like Frodo is in love with his Shire.

I want to bring you to my home. And I want to help you fall in love with yours.

Whether in the garden, in the kitchen, or in the middle of a DIY reno, you’ll always find me working toward a home that looks like us, serves us, fits us. We’re not most people. Neither are you. I want you empowered to make your own home exactly fit your life and reflect the soul of all who live there.

I want to explore the South with you. And I want you to get curious about what’s glorious about your own neck of the woods.

From backroads in the mountains to BBQ down the street, I’m all about the stories that give meaning to the culture we’re a part of. It’s beautiful and complex. And it deserves to be seen.

A Note About “Slow”

We are not homesteaders. We have not tossed out our home appliances in favor of washing our clothes in the creek. We also enjoy a certain level of productivity and convenience. But we have found a ratio high in analog activities over screen based/tech-oriented activities improves our quality of life. I adore Pinterest, but I want to build that shed, not just look at it. I love audiobooks, but the feel of paper in my hands is meaningful to me and adds to the reading experience. This is not a legalistic practice with us, just an awareness of where we find the most value.


Another part of “Slow” is leaving margin in the schedule by not stacking events and commitments. This margin does two things: it allows us enough time to be intentional about our priorities (gives us a clear “no” on calendar clutter), and it creates room for unplanned awesomeness. Spontaneous walk at the park? Yes! Long conversation over coffee? You bet! This has been integral in living a life full of fun, meaning, and peace!

I’m so very glad you decided to stop by Giles South! Please make yourself at home!

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