The Studio

You want a peaceful home that fits your life to a T.

So do I!

It can feel chaotic to wrestle a house into a home. So many needs to meet, so many color choices, so many storage options, so much STUFF.

You are definitely in the right place! I’m all about peacing out your process as you do the work of making your home fit YOU!

I want you to have the tools you need. And I want the process to feel easy-breezy!

I’m Lora, farmhouse-restorer, art-maker, dog-enthusiast, and planning printable designer at Giles South Studio. I’ve spent eight years hands-on reclaiming our cozy 1861 farmhouse with my husband. It has taken (and still takes) many lists, risks, good questions, a bit of budget savviness and a lot more muscle than I expected!

But now it is a peaceful home that serves us tremendously well! I understand small space organizing because I live it. I know how to ask myself the right question that pinpoints what I really need out of a pantry. Or an herb garden. Or a bedroom renovation. It’s in the intention, and it’s in the action.

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