Summer Blooms Early in Georgia

The heady smell of honeysuckle. Wild roses clinging to roadside fences. Even in our little garden things are poppin’! Abundance is grown in the south.

The herbs have taken over the 4 foot square bed we’ve corralled them into; sage, rosemary, lemon thyme… all of them ready to be stirred into soups, tossed into salads, and skewered onto the grill! It’s taken me a long time to actually remember to USE my herbs.

I grow them because they’re so pretty tangled together and overflowing out of whatever pot or plot I’ve homed them in each year. But way down in the veg garden or even in pots on the front porch I just don’t see them. And obviously, out of sight, out of mind.

Lemon thyme in bloom, sage, rosemary, chives blossoming.

Last year was different, though. We finally built raised beds for our herbs and veg! Mostly for the allure of fewer weeds (remember, abundance is grown in the south), but a side benefit was that we had the opportunity to choose an entirely new spot for the garden. And we chose the sunny spot right outside our back door. Garden geniuses, we are.

The process of planning the raised beds was fairly quick and very fun. I love drawing everything out on dot grid paper, or using my garden planner bundle from my Etsy shop.

I made sure to rotate my tomatoes to a different square this year so the soil can recuperate. And I also planted nasturtium seeds around the edges of the beds for a lush, spilling-over effect. And to attract those honeybees!! (we also keep a good bit of clover in our lawn to make the bees happy 🙂

Raised bed kitchen garden in our clover yard…the most peaceful place to relax!!

So now I’m happy to report that I am actually cooking from my kitchen garden! Of course the tomatoes and peppers aren’t in yet, but while I’m waiting for that juicy bounty I’ll be harvesting fresh herbs to spice up dinner!

Once the basil starts filling out I’ll be making the most refreshing drink of summer. It’s a gamechanger!

Clematis climbing the porch post and verbena hanging out in a pot.

What’s growing in your garden right now? Are you trying anything new this season?