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Spring Printable Wall Art: New in the Shop!

Ok, let’s be real.

You’re tired of your walls saying the exact same thing as everyone else’s. Truly, how many “gather”, “family” or “live, laugh, love” brush script signs do you need in your home anyway? And don’t get me started on the faux vintage “farmhouse” declaration in the foyer of every other house on your block. Seriously?

The word “farmhouse” over your door doth not a farmhouse make! Now, if you keep chickens in your backyard then you get a free pass for this particular signage. But really, if you have chickens nobody is going to question the status of your home as a farmhouse.

All I’m saying is authenticity is king.

(Disclaimer: If this type of art hanging on your walls brings you peace, joy, or contentment I’m all for it. Don’t let me tell you what to hang up! I’m just offering an alternate perspective that will hopefully remind you to choose art that is uniquely meaningful to you!)

You are not the problem.

Here’s the thing. It’s not your fault! You’re busy rushing around Target, you see an $18 piece of “art” that expresses a universally appealing sentiment (who doesn’t like to live, or laugh, or love?). Maybe you get a warm fuzzy feeling about all that laughing and loving, then, realizing your foyer wall is still blank after moving in six months ago… you pick that low hanging fruit.

It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s available. But it’s not enough.

You have style and taste. You’re not a lemming chasing trends. You are not shallow, and you appreciate the real inspiration that comes with words of truth. You are anything but generic!!

Art for Meaning-Makers

It’s important to me to make fresh designs that express meaningful thoughts, and that do so with an artful touch. So here’s my contribution to making easy, affordable, non-generic art that uniquely expresses your style and values!

Typography is an artform in itself, so these designs will add an upscale vibe to your walls with clean, refined fonts.

Because its (finally!) spring we all want a more joyful, uplifting tone in our homes. For your walls that means painterly florals, a muted pastel color palette, and inspiring messages perfect for this new season!

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And don’t leave your kids out! This set of three cute little hares will bring a folksy fairytale feel to your baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom. Inspire them to stay curious, grow wild, and wander free!

Each “Wild Hares” design comes in three sizes (16×20, 11×14, 8×10) and is perfect to print out as an instant gallery wall, a modern trio of same-sized pieces, or a single stand-alone image.

And it’s easy.

All of my new spring printable wall art designs are instant download PDF’s (which means quick, easy, and affordable!) and can be found in my Etsy shop, Giles South Studio. Tap an image to take you from this post directly to each individual listing. Then print at home or use your favorite online or brick-and-mortar print shop!

It’s spring! So be inspired by your home!

For free Giles South Studio printables check out this post and this post! And for springy garden ideas, go check out my Southern Cottage Garden post. Get ready to bloom!

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